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Nutral Limited

Every now and then you come across a tool that makes you wonder how you ever did business before it. For me, Xero is a perfect example of that.

Ever since the formation of both of my companies, I would slave for hours over spreadsheets and databases, creating pdf’s and manually chasing late payments. I began to resent accounting and book keeping, and I began searching for an alternative.

I was recommended to try Xero online accounting by a friend, and at a similar time my accountants, J Williams & Co, announced their partnership with Xero. It seemed like the perfect time to give it a shot, and see if Xero was to be the end of my database-diasters.

After a one-on-one meeting with Michelle at JW&Co, I felt comfortable to be able to carry my accounting forward in to this new realm of online, cloud-based accounting.

My only regret with switching to Xero this year is that I didn’t do it sooner. I can not begin to quantify the amount of money I am saving, not only on book keeping fees due to the process being easy and enjoyable once more, but also in properly tracking my expenses and claiming back personal expenditure. Furthermore, the ‘invoice reminder’ features have made the awkward “did you receive my invoice?” emails to clients a complete thing of the past.

I have tried justifying the switch to Xero to my peers and colleagues, who seem worried about the monthly cost. I can easily confirm that Xero has not only paid for itself in saved time and money, but has also streamlined the way I run my entire business. I can now compile, send and track quotes 10 times as quickly, invoice jobs on the train on the way home, and generally work so much efficiently. For me, I couldn’t put a price on that.

Nutral Limited

Curtis Plumstone Associates

JW Accountants have looked after our accounts for over two years now and we cannot speak highly enough of their services. They technically brilliant and also very responsive to any questions, explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. They are always friendly and professional. I have had no hesitation in recommending their services to our own clients when the opportunity has arisen.

John Plumridge - Director

Helen Rushton Photography

I was recommended Jeri & her team by a business friend of mine after having communication problems with my accountant. My accounts had been with him for 9 months without any action and within a week of transferring my business to Jeri they have notified every single organisation that they are now managing my accounts and are very nearly finished preparing my accounts for the year ready for submission.

Jeri and her team have made the transition very simple for me and their approach and manner is incredibly helpful, they've made everything so easy for me without cutting any corners. I am 100% confident moving my accounts to Jeri means I will have everything completed to the highest standard and will be receiving no more threatening letters from the authorities because my accountant has forgotten to submit information. Thank you Jeri and team for giving me peace of mind and for being so easy to work with!

Helen Rushton - Director

J G Clark Construction Ltd

Jeri and her team came highly recommended through a mutual friend, and we have not been disappointed.

My husband started as self employed about 5 years ago, we had 2 young children and I was working part time, we thought we could manage, he would record everything and once a year I would pull the figures together and submit. As long as we declared everything we would have no issues.

The business was going really well and he was busy on sites, but cash flow was an issue so I increased my hours to supplement his business, we also knew we were near the Vat threshold so we sort advice from an ‘accountant’ everything seemed to be going well so I took a complete back seat.

We were paying a monthly fee and once a month he would arrive for receipts and a catch up. About 3 months in were investigated, he attended the meeting where the HMRC team came to the house, after this is where we started to run into issues- he was failing to submit things on time, which led to us getting fines, he ticked a wrong box on a form saying that we had paid something we hadn’t. Although telling us he was running our payroll, he was not aware of the CIS scheme. About a year into the process and as well as working full time, I started to have to get back involved and I started to question some of his decisions, he arrived quite late on a Sunday evening- saying he didn’t know what else to do and here is a pile of fines totaling about £1500.

It was at this point I contacted Jeri and her team, who were professional from the off set. They re assured and made contact and followed up with HMRC on our behalf. I now email detail through once a month, but know that everything else is kept on top of, communication lines are always open and no question is silly. Jeri spoke to the HMRC on our behalf, and helped to stop the consent letters and chasing that we were experiencing. And although we are still working through historical financial difficulties, going forward the team are on top of everything and we have no nasty surprises! Payroll is professional and our subcontractors are looked after. I am very grateful to Jeri and the team, I can now concentrate on my career and my husband is can be on site doing what he does best- which is not paper work!!


Amazonite Learning Limited

To my previous accountant I felt like I was just another client. There didn’t seem to be any desire to support me to run my business accounts in the most effective way. I could never speak directly to my accountant and they took ages to answer my emails. This all changed when I moved my accounts over to Jeri. I immediately felt like I was in safe hands. I now have a better understanding of my accounts and my questions are always answered on the same day. I know that Jeri and her brilliant team will spend the time to ensure I am operating in the most tax-effective way and meeting my obligations. I am so happy that I made the switch to a more personal and professional service. Thank you!

Steve Carter - Director

MKB Services

I would highly recommend Jeri and her team, after struggling to do our own accounts in our first year of business after setting up (incorrectly) a limited company - I decided that some 'help' was required... I sought out a couple of people to discuss our options with, Jeri was by far the best. Conversations with other people/firms left me feeling inadequate and rather stupid! However, after the initial conversation with Jeri, I was far more relaxed, we had agreed the right way forward, with everything explained in laymans terms and I was positive that we were in good hands. This was certainly true - since the initial meeting, Jeri and the team have sorted out the accounts, completed the relevant tax returns, closed down the limited company and set up the business as a sole trader, as well as obtaining a significant tax refund! I have asked questions along the way and the approach back has always been the same as our first meeting - no question is too small or seen as 'silly' and the firm have been prompt, professional and always helpful in any responses. In short, for any business, be that a sole trader or a larger firm - JW Accountants should be your first and only place to visit.

Renee Patience

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